Virtual Worlds

Chamber Of Chat

Chamber of Chat (CoC) was a graphical chatroom for Harry Potter Fans of all ages.

CoC was the first virtual world I made, and was primarily active from 2001-2010. This project was originally done in Macromedia Director, then was ported to Flash As2, then Flash As3. The original multiplayer functionality was done using MUS multiuser server, (Same one Habo Hotel used) and then I ported it to Smartfox.

At its peak of popularity we would have a couple hundred concurrent users, and a very tightly knit community. Human moderators were very active in keeping the site active and safe.



Bloomers Island is a virtual world designed to entertain and excite kids about plants.

The Bloomers world includes about 20 locations, a badge and leveling system, collectable items in-world, movement and safe multiplayer chat, 10 avatars with permutable clothing,
min-games activities, and many wonderful animations and storybooks.

I did all the client side programming and server extensions, along with 50% of the graphics sound editing and optimization.

This site uses  Flash As3, and Smartfox 1x.



Zoovolution is a 2.5d multiplayer virtual world I helped develop in 2008 for a company in Norway, using Flash and Smartfox Server.

The world location was a small island, and the major theme was animal welfare. The user could explore the island, talk to other kids, raise a virtual endangered animal, visit different habitats etc. Additionally, minor Youtube celebrities were hired to compose songs about animals, and I created a system whereby the celebrities could “appear” on stage, with a custom avatar that looked like them so that they could answer questions of their fans using real audio. These evens allowed us to test the system under heavy loads of concurrent users.

The world included many stores, an inventory system, and several multiplayer games including “Kick the Coconut” (like soccer) and Curling.

This project was done by a fairly small team:
1 project manager, 1 programmer (me), 1 database expert, 1 designer and 2 freelance artists

Ultimately the investors got sidetracked by a cartoon project based on some of the same ideas, and Zoovolution was closed while the usage was still climbing.


“Tides” was a side scrolling virtual world prototype for preteen girls, featuring gorgeous vector locations, an interactive enviornment, permutable avatars, a store, a leveling system, multiplayer mini games and in-game bots. I did all client-side coding, optimization, sound editing and vector graphics.


Jimi Rock

I re-developed a side scrolling scuba diving virtual world for “Discovery Kids”.

I did all client-side programming and graphics. This world featured an experimental system for incorporating graphical puzzle solving.




MyPad was a clubhouse system I developed in support of an existing flash virtual world
for Edison Learning, an online school.The idea was that kids would be rewarded for good work by receiving points that could be used to “rent” apartments, buy cool items to decorate with, and entertain friends in.
Try the Standalone version (flash): myPad



Jumbo Cinema

Jumbo Cinema allowed a user to wander around in a theater lobby and other locations, and talk to other users, then create a virtual theater and invite users to join. In the virtual theater, the user could create a playlist of videos from youtube and watch those videos with friends. You could also throw popcorn at each other and little things like that. I thought this was actually a very good idea, but unfortunately Youtube changed its policies in a way that made it no longer possible to embed youtube videos in our game.